Many buyers have ever met or will meet the same question – delay of order. And almost all of them will be anxious about the delay and then put pressure on sellers. Does it get anything wrong? Is my goods remade? What are you doing? You will delay the delivery time!


Ok, let go of those matters, buyers will be a little disappointed and worried about their goods. It’s reasonable. Anyone will care about it, let alone they pay the cost. But actually the sellers will also be helpless because they will also meet many problems in productive process.


Some problems are objective.


One is the government intervention policy. For example, the Hangzhou G20 Summit was held in September 2016, and all the factories in and near Hangzhou were closed to welcome the great meeting. In addition, the government focused on environmental protection in August 2017, and they dispatched staff to supervise all factories in environmental area. In this situation, many factories were closed forever because they were unqualified, and the rest were also closed for about 15 days for convenience of their supervision.


Another one maybe the Chinese festivals especially the Spring Festival in China. It’s the Chinese New year. So generally speaking, all companies will stop working at that time, including the shipping company. So buyer’s order delay. These are the so called objective force.


Also some comes from the subjective problem.


For example, the factory may make your goods bad, and they have to take time to remake or repair. In this situation they should let you know the problem and then solve it together.


So, buyers, when you meet such delay question in your business, do not be too worried! You can check online about the newest news to know about policy in China. And you know more about China, you know more about your seller and order. Of course, trust between seller and buyer is very important. Make joint efforts to solve any problems. Your support and our efforts will be seen in business!