When it comes to the fire retardant fabrics,normally there are 3 types: one time retardant fabric,durable retardant fabric and permanent redardant fabric.The retardant fabrics are treated with some chemical substance to make it work.The theory is that once the fabric is on fire,these chemical substance will emit some gas to isolate the oxygen from the location where is on fire to put out the fire!

Let’s get more closed to the one time fire retardant fabrics and the permanent fire retardant fabrics.From the past experience,we learn that the durable fire retardant and permanent fire retardant fabrics are mostly used in garment industry,while the one time fire retardant fabrics are mostly used in sofa,curtain and car seat industry.The performance of these three types is really not much different.The only difference is that the one time fire retardant fabrics can not be washed,after washing,then its function of fireproofing will be completely gone.While the permanent fire proofing fabrics can be washed and used for long time without effecting its function,and the durable fire retardant fabrics can stand wash of around 50 times.

Of course,their making process are also different,the one time fire retardant fabrics firstly get the fabrics weave and dye,then in the last process,get the fabrics treated with chemical substance.But for permanent fire retardant fabrics,we tend to get the yarns treated with chemical substance and then weave the fabrics.The price is hugely different.Absolutely,the one-time is much cheaper than the permanent one.Some luxury hotels and the large hospitals tend to choose the permanent fire retardant curtain fabrics and blackout fabrics.

Different country clients have got different demands on the fire retardant fabrics,Huayeah fabrics can meet varied demands from them.Our fire retardant curtain fabrics or sofa and upholstery fabrics,whether it is one time or permanent,can pass different international standards,such as NFPA701,BS5867,BS5815,BS5866,BS5722,M1,DIN4102 and so on.We can make with your special designs and quality fabrics.These fabrics can work well in the hotel projects,hospital projects and so on.Welcome to contact us for the detail duscussion !