Living room is an essential part of a house. It’s also the leisure area staying together with family and friends. What’s more, the color selection, the style collocation and the pattern fusion, all the above show the fashion taste of the house owner.

timg1Considered as the most eye-catching furniture in the living room, sofa should be coordinated with the colors of ceiling, wall, floor, door and window, etc. The question is: How to make our living room comfortable and beautiful? Why not try the fabric sofas with a strong color sense?

Compared with the leather sofas, fabric sofa is much more convenient in life. It’s soft handle with modern and rich designs on. The most important element is that it’s cheaper and washable. Different colors and fabrics can be reached when the seasons come and go. This makes more and more consumers like the fabric sofa to decorate their house.

Different colors stand for different feelings. Yellow means warm and sweet; green means young and healthy; red means friendly and festive; coffee means silent and mature; purple means luxurious and gracious; blue means quiet and open-minded.

We suggest consumers: If your living room is large enough, maybe you could try the bright colors on fabric sofa with big flowers or check patterns, which may make the whole room graceful. If the room is small, small patterns and vibrant colors are suitable.

In addition, the sofa color should be a little different from the decoration in living room. For example, you could select a bright fabric sofa if the room decoration is mainly dark. Such as white, beige, light green, light blue or orange, etc. These bright colors will add passion to the dull monotonous visuals. On the other side, the sofa colors should be a little dark if the floor and wall colors are light. We suggest consumers select the grey or black.

Of course the sofa color should be similar to other furniture in the room. For instance, the TV cabinet and the tea table are red, and the sofa should be similar to red at least. If other furniture are made with metal or glass, the sofa can be made into any colors.

The collocation of cushions are also important. Some cushions with different colors will make a very common sofa fashionable, so is the living room.

Sofa plays an important character in our life. No matter fabric sofa, leather sofa or wood sofa, they are all our necessities.

Above is the author’s individual viewpoint only.