“Keep your mind cool and calm when you face the low price temptation which is far lower than the market bench Mark”.These are the words that I really want to talk to the prospects who are searching for the bottom low price.I have to say that there are some bad apples in the markets,indeed these market sab-cats exist in almost every industry.Our furniture fabric and curtain fabric industry are also facing this situation as well.Just three weeks ago,one of our sales Sherlly offer a quotation to one prospect from USA for the permanent fire retardant blackout curtain fabric,the width is 280cm,and the weight is around 220gsm,and he needs to reach to the standard of NFPA 701,after careful calculation ,we finally offered the price of USD4.** .At the very beginning of our quotation,this customer is kind of satisfied with it,he said he will consider the order for around 5000m. After several days later,However,our sales Sherlly got an surprising email as follows:

email screenshot 1.1


That is quite ridiculous ,this is typically the price of the one-time fire retardant blackout fabric,not permanent, the one-time fire retardant fabric is to weave the base fabric and get the fabrics treated with chemical substance .for more info about the different between the permanent and one time fire retardant blackout is to see my previous blog and click here,

This customer is really so rushing and place the order recklessly without any deliberation. It seems that he was luckily enough to hit the jackpot. We really feel so pity for this customer.We could only wish him good luck.our sales reply as below:

email screenshot 2.2

From this case,we did lose a potential customer to close a deal,we had nothing lose with cash,but the customer himself,the situation he face now is really not optimistic.

Nowadays the market is so lousy and not competitive,there are a lot of suppliers in china and even in other countries,there is no reason that the price gap different is as far as more than USD1.0 for the same quality of fabric,which is really impossible.The following picture is truely a vivid picture to express my feeling now

buy fairly with reason price


You really can not buy a BMW with the cost of a Toyota,of course when I say that,their feature should be based on the same level.Otherwise,there is no meaning of comparison.

We all like to buy cheaper products with good quality,but we should keep our head cool and clear to analyze carefully.

Finally,we would like to give some tips for the customers who suffer this situation

  1. if you find a extremely lower price supplier,who is far lower than the market level,don’t rush to order.check more first.if this is the 1 out of 10 who is far lower price.delete it without any hesitation
  2. unfortunately if you had already placed the order with this impossibly lowest factory,how to save it and avoid the loss?yes,shipping samples are important,ask them to send you first for testing the quality.Or before shipment,you could also find the third party inspection agency like SGS or Bureau Veritas(BV) to inspect it.They could issue you a report first,if it is all right and make the shipment.
  3. Of course,you could also come directly to the factoy to inspect personally.But it will face more cost,and you should be professionally enough. So third party agency is the best choice.

All in all,we hope all the global trading markets environment will be becoming better and better,and the bad apples can be all wiped out in future.We sincerely have a belief that  the clients choose you among so many competitors,we really should appreciate their trust on us,we should go all out to make the best of our performance to satisfy them and will never let them down !