Last week one client from Colombia came to us to ask for making a jacquard curtain fabric and an embroidery voile for him,but he pointed out that the samples should be exactly the same color as his samples.Otherwise he can not place the order.If you are an old and sophisticated buyer,you will see that it is almost impossible,because there shall be a minimum order quantity to dye the color in the dye vat, the minimum quantity usually is around 1000 meters per color.for making samples,only several meters ,it is impossible to do that,we can only throw the fabric sample into the dye vat to follow whatever color it is making and dye together.For us the most important thing in the first step is ask the customer to confirm the quality and the design ,because the colors can be confirmed later.So we were very curious why the customer insisted on seeing the same color as his sample first, later we were informed that he suffered s great loss of his first order from one new supplier, he ordered 30000meters voile embroidery,the voile color shall be beige, but when they received the goods in the end,it turned out to be yellow,what  a big difference it is ,which leads to the client’s great suffering for his first purchasing in china.We can understand his situation,as on old saying goes: once bitten,twice shy.Actually from his bad experience,we have to admit that there definitely exist some bad apples,which are not totally responsible for their clients.But the customer himself meanwhile made some mistakes in his first purchase due to his lace of experience.If you are a rookier buyer or just want to start your own purchasing fabric globally,the following are some of the tips that maybe helpful to you

  • As to the dyeing fabric,when your suppliers begins to dye in bulk,ask them to send you the color lab dips from dyeing factory to confirm first,which usually come out with A,B and C version for each color to select,if you are not satisfied with none of the colors, request the dyeing factory to adjust the formula and to make the color lab dips again for the confirmation once again ,again and again until you are happy with it
  • If the fabric has got other treatment,like embroidery ,coating, bronzing,or flocking etc, to make a sample out first,make sure that the embroidery density is the same as what you want,the flocking quality is super.Because after this treatment,the products will be exactly the same looking as what you want, so this is quite an important step.
  • when the goods are completely finished, ask them to send you each design each color a sample for proving the quality.In this case,you could clearly understand what kind of goods will be shipped to you, then you pay what are worthy for.

Nowadays business is not easy, so we all must move steadily and smartly to keep our emerge in the cut-throad competitive markets.Sometimes we could learn from the other’s experience to avoid making the same mistakes.

Finally the customer also accepted our non-risk steps and asked us to make the samples happily,we are sure that we could have a good relationship together, by working with us,we will try our best to meet his demand,that is also our principle.Making the customer to get unexpected service and quality goods.