The features of different sofa fabrics:

  1. Types in different composition: cotton, linen and polyester. Polyester includes many types, such as dacron, acrylic, viscose, rayon, and so on. Actually many fabrics are blended with some compositions.As to the silk, wool, they are very rare to see on sofa.
  1. Ways of dyeing: piece dyed and yarn dyed.Piece dyeing is dyeing on fabric, and yarn dyeing is dyeing on yarns.Any kinds of fabrics can be dyed. Generally speaking, solid color fabric is usually piece dyed, and colorful ones are yarn dyed.
  1. Types of yarns: faux suede, chenille, cotton, linen look, etc. They are neither good nor bad but with their special features. Chenille includes coarse chenille and fine chenille. It’s yarn is quite coarse, seems brushy. There are many kinds of compositions of chenille, such as polyester and viscose. It is quite popular with its rough style. As to the faux suede, its composition is polyester. With same weight, polyester fabric will be the cheapest, linen is the most expensive, and cotton stays between them two. But many dyeing fabric such as chenille is quite heavy weight, so its price will be also high.

The features of different fabric sofas:

  1. Cotton sofa:  Cotton fabric sofa is one of the most hot sale sofas in market. It’s spft and ventilate, natural and environmental, most important, it’s skin-friendly. Rural style is widely used in cotton sofas. It’s cheap with beautiful designs, but the weakness is poor elasticity, easy wrinkle, easy dye and resisting abrasion.
  1. Velvet sofa: The deep impression of velvet sofa for people is usually its soft touch feeling. It always changes from the past corduroy to suede now, it’s changing from gaudy to elegant. Compared with other fabrics, the price of velvet sofa is higher. It has advantages of fashion look, attractive color effects, dust prevention and stain resistance. But is is easy from static electricity.
  1. Linen sofa: It’s most charming characteristic is its heat-conducting property. Even if in hot summer, people won’t worry about sweat wet. Linen sofa has the advantages of wear resistance, wrinkle resistance, fastness, no the ball, anti-static and non-mildew.
  1. Blending sofa: It’s blended with cotton and chemical fiber. It shows a visual effect of silk, velvet or linen. But the design and colors are not pure, so price will be cheaper. Recent years, with the development of blending industry, and the improvement of dyeing technique, the soft hand touch feeling and simulation effect can almost mix the cheap quality with better one. It has the advantages of being wash-and-wear, colorful, solid durable and elastic.
  1. Leather and fabric sofa: Leather can be used in the area which is easy to be dirty, such as backrest and armrest. And fabric can be used in area which is washable and close to people when seating. They two can be used in same colors. It combines the advantages of leather and fabric, but price may be higher.